Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

I confess that I can be super-fussy about pillows. I like them to be truly supportive of my neck as I move around (I’m a back/side/stomach sleeper), and so I tend to replace pillows quickly when they’ve lost their oomph.  For a while, it got to the point where we would make jokes that I needed to join a “pillow of the month” club. But I’ve finally found pillows that I am SO happy with — Indulgence by Isotonic. The ultimate down-alternative pillows! These have all the luxury of  down pillows without the feathers. I’ve written before about choosing alternatives to down: it’s wonderful to find options that are kind to animals and kind to those of us with allergies. I don’t think I’ve ever slept so well.

For those  of you who prefer pillows that are less squishy than “down”:

These pillows are available for purchase online. We bought ours at the local Bed Bath & Beyond.

Bonus Tip!
If you’re looking for a great down-alternative comforter, check out the organic down-alternative comforter by West Elm. We love ours… along with the rest of our West Elm organic bedding.

Sweet dreams!