Recent Finds for the Home

Recent Finds for the Home

Last week I blogged about some new discoveries made simply because I was running low on my usual toothpaste. Although it’s easy enough to get comfortable with a few brands, sometimes stepping outside the comfort zone — even when you’ve found a cruelty-free comfort zone of products to rely on — can result in some pretty spectacular finds.

A couple of recent finds that now have become “usuals” in my own home:

Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher Gel
Already a fan of Seventh Generation products, I’m now also hooked on this one, too — infinitely better than powder detergents! In addition to sparkling glasses and squeaky-clean dishes, why this product gets “fave” status: the gel is chlorine and phosphate free; it’s made from plant-based enzymes and essential oils; and the formula is biodegradable. Also, the product is “Leaping Bunny” certified, which ensures that it was developed without animal testing. We’ve used the Grapefruit scented gel and also the Fragrance-Free.

Method Pro-Chef Multi-Surface Kitchen Cleaner
I use the specialty cleaners by Method for my granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, and wood furniture pieces. However, my local Whole Foods has not been carrying the Daily Granite Polish as of late; and as the contents of my bottle dwindled, I decided to give the multi-surface cleaner a try. More than just a polish for the counter tops, this product is the perfect clean-up tool after more elaborate cooking ventures, when I need a non-toxic spray that still packs a powerful punch. And Method is certified as “Cruelty-Free and Vegan” by PETA’s Caring Consumer program.

Spike’s “Business Bags” for Dogs
I ordered these little biodegradable bags from One Lucky Duck, and I LOVE them! As the Tucson summertime temperatures top the 100-degrees mark, daily poop patrol of the backyard is a must. Beyond their utility and the fact that they biodegrade in 45 days (plastic bags are SO terrible for the environment and harmful to animals!), these corn-based bags appeal to the performer in me as well: written across each bright green bag, the line “There’s No Business Like Dog Business.” Cute.

So, I’m posting about household products in anticipation of heading home today after a wonderful time in Portland, Oregon! Although the main purpose of my stay was taking a Farmed Animals class at Lewis & Clark Law School, I also had fun exploring the city. Stay tuned for details…